12 New Jellycat Plush We’re Thrilled About!

Here at Off The Wagon, we ADORE plushies! They’re soft, cute, and colorful and make life cozier just by existing. We carry lots of different plush, and they’re all fantastic, but earlier this week we had a MASSIVE shipment of plush arrive from Jellycat (a company that makes plush)! Because of this, they’re kind of on our minds (aka we’re obsessed and have definitely had a few dreams including adorable Jellycat plush), so we decided to make a blog post featuring some of our favorites from the new Jellycat stuff! If you’re a Jellycat fan (or just a plush fan in general) like us, you’re going to love all of these! Prepare your cuteness receptors:

Mini Fosilly

These tiny little dinosaurs wouldn’t hurt a fly! If you know a dino-obsessed kid (maybe they got hooked on the new Jurassic World) they’ll absolutely love these! Choose from a T-rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, or Brontosaurs.


Bats get a bad wrap (hehe), but they’re actually really important parts of the ecosystem! And we think they’re pretty cute. This bat can spread out its wings, or wrap them around itself like a bat would when it's sleeping.

Fun-guy Ozzie

Ozzie the mushroom has a cooler hat than you do. Even if your hat is really cool. If you can deal with that, then we’re sure the two of you will hit it off.


After taking a vacation out to the moon and meeting some of the locals, the Jellycat folks made this adorable plush in their image! The coziest moon buddy you’ll ever meet.

Fungi Forager

OK, WE ADMIT IT these ones aren't actually that new. But we finally got them back in after selling out of them SUPER FAST the first time, so we wanted to include them on this list. You’re welcome.


If Ozzie the mushroom has a cooler hat than you, then these trees have cooler hair than you. Maybe you can find out what product they use.

Hard Boiled Egg


There is something so cute about this egg even though it is really pretty simple. We don’t quite understand why, but we absolutely love this one!

Grizzo Gremlin

Grizzo has a big smile, big ears, and an even bigger heart. At least metaphorically. He doesn’t have a literal, anatomical heart, but he really likes you.

Hibernating Mouse

A tiny little mouse with a cozy bed to take naps in. Don’t you just want to hibernate sometimes (or most of the time)?

Bonsai Tree

This one is such a unique and cool looking plush, and we think that makes it perfect for all ages, from little toddlers to full-grown adults!

Sage Dragon

Just a chill dragon that likes to hang out and listen to music. No breathing fire or terrorizing the countryside unless they get really grumpy.

Vivacious Vegetables

Vegetables don’t tend to be a kid’s favorite thing in the world, but with these adorable veggie plush, maybe that will change!

If you’re hooked, you can check out our entire collection of plush here, or browse all the weird and funny gifts, gags, and games we carry here.

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