Jellycat Toy Stuffed Plush Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin
Jellycat Toy Stuffed Plush Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin
Jellycat Toy Stuffed Plush Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin
Jellycat Toy Stuffed Plush Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin

Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin

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Grezzo is pretty mischievous (as you would expect from any self-respecting gremlin), but he means well. he's trying to make life interesting, not annoying! If you can put up with his shenanigans, you'll find Grizzo makes a great buddy.

Check out Grizzo's friend Pandora Pixie!

11 x 4 inches

by Jellycat  

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My baby’s best friend

This little guy (dubbed Zog in our house) is my 15-month old’s best friend. After getting the first Zog for his extra special ears on the day my little guy got his ear tubes in, we now have 4 of them on rotation so that we always have a back up in case a Zog is lost, forgotten, eaten by the dog, or otherwise missing. I love watching my little guy hold Zog by the hand and toddle across the room or give him an extra long snuggle to start or end the day.

So soft, extra cute, and washes great in a delicates bag!

Also, shipped quickly and packaged well - if tragedy befalls any of Zogs 1-4, we will be ordering our next replacements from you!

Great Little Buddy

This is the second goblin I’ve purchased and I’d buy more with no hesitation. My daughter loves it, so I bought this one as a backup in case any tragedy befalls the original goblin. I don’t even want to imagine the horrors that would lay waste to my wretched existence, should she not have her goblin. She’s 1 y/o. The goblin buddy has been chewed on a LOT and still looks great. Super soft all over. Ears: flappy. Feet: dancey. Smile: diabolical.

I have a few stuffed animals from Jellycat and the quality is fan-tas-tic. It’s my top pick brand for buddies. Holds up well in the washing machine and drier (low heat) if you put it inside a pillowcase. It arrived faster from offthewagon than when I’ve ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The pictured goblin is several months old and has been washed, with water bottle for size reference.

Brendalenn A.

Very cute, soft and well packaged