25 Weird & Unique Candies For Your 2023 Easter Baskets!

Easter is a time of new life and eating lots and lots of candy. And sure, chocolate bunnies and peeps can get the job done, but don’t you ever wish your Easter candy had a little more personality? A little more spunk? Well if so you’re reading the right blog post. Here at Off the Wagon, we’re connoisseurs of the weird, the spunky, the silly, and the frankly ridiculous - candy included! We love finding the weirdest stuff out there and bringing it to you, and our collection of Easter candy reflects that. Some of it is deliciously off-beat (like our pancakes and maple syrup jelly beans) and some of it is just plain gross (like our bacon and cheese flavored real crickets - no offense if you actually like these), but all of it will get a great reaction when your friends or loved ones discover them tucked away in their Easter baskets! Whether you want to make a whole ridiculous Easter basket from the weird candies, toys, and knickknacks we sell or just want to tuck a few silly candies next to the more traditional finds, these candies are sure to bring your Easter baskets to the next level.

Fart Jokes Gum


Sour Cream & Onion Candy Tin

Lil Nitro - World’s Hottest Gummy Bear

Bacon Candy in a Tin

Double Bubble Egg Laying Fancy Hen

Instantly Talk to your Cat Gum


Pop Rocks Popping Candy

Haribo Gummy Candy

Real Crickets - Bacon & Cheese Flavored


Larvets Cheddar Cheese Flavored

Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Belly

Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly

Champagne Jelly Belly Bottle

Warheads Popping Candy Pouch

Avatar The Last Airbender Sour Candy Tin

Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics Flip Box


Cat Butt Gum

Sour Flush Candy Plunger With Sour Powder Dip

Star Trek Kibble Mints

Bob Ross Happy Little Mints

Fried Chicken Candy In a Tin

Always Be a Unicorn Gum

Cluck This Shit Gum

Soda Can Fizz Candy

Beanboozled Firey Five Challenge

We know there are a lot of candy choices here, but guess what? We’ve got even more weird and off beat candy on our website - a whole lot more! You can check out our entire candy collection here. If you’re looking for other things to put in your Easter baskets you can check out our Easter collection. You’ll find tons of adorable plush, a whole assortment of colorful and fun fidget toys, some classic toys, and other weird stuff like our popular chicken flingers.

If you want to get an even broader view of all the weird stuff, gag gifts, games, and everything else that we carry, you can view our entire catalog here. Honestly, we have so much small stuff that could work great for an Easter basket that we couldn’t fit it all in one place anyways, so checking out everything we have might lead you to some really great ideas for your Easter baskets! We hope you have a lovely Easter, filled with laughs and joy (and delicious candy).

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