5 Weird & Funny Gifts for Dog or Cat Lovers

Pretty much everyone loves pets, and here at Off the Wagon so do we (no judgment from us if you’re one of the odd ones who’s not a fan). The bigger, more controversial question is what KIND of pet: Cats or Dogs? There are definitely some lizard fans out there (and birds, and fish, and probably some other weird stuff), but most of us pet lovers have cats, dogs, or maybe both. And if you’re anything like us, you have strong opinions about which is better. Don’t worry, we’ve got some great gifts for dog lovers and cat lovers alike. So even if you like cats, but your friend loves dogs, you can find something fun for both of you! Check these out!


I Like You Big Magnet

Every dog owner knows how important smells are to their canine pal. A little butt sniffing isn’t anything to be weirded out about, in fact, it means you’re on the fast track to becoming friends!

Draggin Ass Mug

No one wants an itchy bum, but no one wants their dog’s itchy bum rubbed around on their carpet either. Such are the perils of dog ownership though.

My Dog And I Talk Shit About You Socks

You might see my dog and think “Aw, how cute” but she’s vicious. She had so much shit to say about your fashion sense, and none of it was good.

Dog Tail Gel Pen

These are possibly the most adorable pens in the entire existence of the universe, but we could be wrong. You press their little tails in so you can write.

Walking Around With Poop Hand Sanitizer


Owning a dog is great, but it does involve an unfortunate amount of carrying around poop in a plastic bag. This hand sanitizer has your back though.


Instantly Talk With Your Cat Gum


This gum will magically grant you the ability to talk with your cat. Be forewarned though, a lot of cats are pretty uninterested in saying anything to you. Or really interacting with you in any way whatsoever.

Cat Bonnet

A prim and modest head covering fit for even the finest cat. It's equal parts silly and adorable.

Soap for Cat People

This soap is specially designed to scrub off all the cat hair and smells of cat food present on any self-respecting cat owner.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety Book

Owning a cat can be a really fruitful experience, but it’s not without its challenges. There are a lot of tough conversations you’ll have to have with your cat as they grow up, and gun safety is only the tip of the iceberg. This book will help you through all of those tough questions!

Cat Butt Magnets

A perfect addition to any cat owner’s fridge. There are no butts quite as fine as a cat butt!

Wanna see even more pet gifts? You can browse our collection of gifts for dog lovers here, and our collection of gifts for cat lovers here. Or, if you’d rather see all the weird and wacky gifts and gags we have, you can check out our entire catalog here.

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