7 Funny Golf Gifts and Gags for Your Next Outing!

Here at Off the Wagon, we can appreciate a good round of golf as much as the next middle-aged white man, as long as we can make it silly! Golf is known for being a serious and respectful sport - and that’s pretty much the antithesis of Off the Wagon. However, we’ve discovered that playing golf can be a lot of fun if you come equipped with the right gags and pranks. We love to whip-out some of our wackiest, weirdest, and funniest products on the golf-course and see our fellow players' reactions. If you’re like us, and thought you could never enjoy golf, you should check out our list of products and see how you might finally be able to get into the sport! Or, if you’re already a golf lover, you should try out some of these products too! You might find using some of these ridiculous products will throw your friends off their game, they’ll be so distressed about your sudden change of behavior. Using these hilarious golf gags will make you giggle, and it might just make you win the round!   

Exploding Golf Ball & Jetstreamer Golf Ball

These trick golf balls are one of our favorite items to take out onto the course! Imagine your friends’ reaction when you hit your ball, and POUFF, it explodes into a cloud of white powder! We can tell you, it’s pretty hilarious. Or, you’re trying to drive your ball, you hit it, and it sails down the course with a long red ribbon behind it. If you think that’s funny, try getting your friends to hit these balls!  

Ant-LIX Sucker, G.U.M. Grumpy Old Man Gum, & Salt and Vinegar Crickets

Sometimes when you’re out on the course, you need a little something to munch on. We love bringing along some of these kooky snacks. Salt and Vinegar Crickets are just as good as the chips, but have the extra protein you need to energize your playing! If you’re bringing snacks out to the course, chances are some bugs are going to get into them, so we’ve just embraced it by bringing this delicious Ant-LIX sucker. Looking for something more subtle? If you’re playing golf you're probably either a grumpy old man or surrounded by them, so this G.U.M. is the perfect mint flavored treat to bring! (if any of these snacks look good, you should check out our whole collection of wacky candy and treats!) 

Uh Oh Emergency Underpants

Look, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, you just get so into the game that it’s just too late. That’s why we consider Emergency Underpants an absolute golfing essential. Don’t leave the house without them!

Bacon Lip Balm

On a long day out on the course, the wind and the elements can start to chap your lips. Avoid that dryness and cracking with this delicious Bacon Lip Balm! It’s manly, and it’ll keep your lips safe. 


This is one of our favorite golf gags! If you can’t make parr, why should your friend? Put this Pop-a-Putt into any cup on the course, and when your friend attempts to putt in in, the ball will shoot right out! We’re chuckling just thinking about it!

Insults and Comebacks Book

Trash talking is bound to happen in any sport. Come prepared for your next golf game with this Insults and comebacks book! That way, when people start questioning your Off the Wagon Shop golf strategy, you’ll know just what to say. (You’ll need this one, we promise).

Golf Socks

Come to the course in style! Golf is a notoriously fashionable sport, and sometimes it can be hard to show your personality. However, no one’s ever objected to some fun socks - especially if they're golf themed!

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take Glass

After a long day on the golf course, it’s good to kick back, relax, and celebrate a) your win or b) the hilarious pranks you pulled. For us golfers, this is the perfect glass to do it with. 

Now you know all the things you need to have a fun day at the golf course - Off the Wagon style! If you enjoyed this wacky collection of golf related products, you just might enjoy our whole collection of funny and weird toys and gifts. Check it out!

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