8 of Our New Products for the New Year!

It’s January again! Christmas is over, vacation time is over, 2021 is over, but our never ending flow of new, funny stuff will never cease! Ok, maybe that's a little bit dramatic; what we’re trying to say is we’re getting in a lot of new products with the new year, and some of them are really cool! We’ve picked out some of the more fun and interesting products and put together this list just for you!

Captain of Chaos Wine Glass or Rocks Glass

When your kids are acting like forces of pure chaos, you’ll be filling this glass up. And emptying it. And filling it up again. You get the idea. Get a wine glass or rocks glass depending on your preferred sedative!

Tangle Crush Jr. & Textured Tangle

These fidget toys are simple in concept, but extremely satisfying to mess with (as all good fidgets should be). The curved pieces snap together any way you want, so you can make one long string, or interlocking circles! The textured version just adds another layer of satisfaction.

Pandaroll Plush & Owlyroll Plush

Both cylindrical and adorable, we’re in love with these plush! We have a lot of plush in our store (like a lot), but we love how simple and weirdly cute these ones are. They all have a little x right on their butt and it’s amazing.

Epic Mystery Dice Loot: Metals


A super fun gift for and D&D fan (including yourself)! Each one of these packs includes a full set of 7 high quality metal dice, as well as a fun enamel pin. Who knows what color and style you’ll get!

Critical Role Munchkin


Speaking of D&D, are there any Critical Role fans out there? We just got Critical Role Munchkin, and we think you’ll LOVE it if you're a Critter. It’s full of inside jokes and other cool stuff from Campaign two, AND you get to play as the player characters!

Large Squishable Plague Doctor

Ok, maybe this one is cheating. We’ve had the mini Plague Doctor for a little bit, but we just got the large version. But it’s amazing so we put it on this list anyways. His lantern glows in the dark!

Dad Jokes Pencil Set or Day Drinker Pencil Set

Fun pencil sets! We’ve got a few of these, but these two are some of our favorites. Each pencil has punny phrases carved onto them, like “DAD JOKES. It’s how eyes roll.” Make a simple, fun, and inexpensive gift!

Xbox Achievement Light

Finally, all your Xbox achievements can manifest themselves in real life! And they work as little lamps too! A fun gift for gamers!

This list is only the stuff we’ve just gotten in, there is even more on the way! If you ever want to check in and see our newest products, you just have to go to the New Arrivals section of our website! If you just want to browse all our weird and wacky stuff (regardless of how new it is), check out our entire catalog! Cheers, everyone!

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