9 Fun & Funny Journals Perfect for You (or for Friends)!

Journaling is calming and therapeutic, just like eating ice cream at the end of a long day (but with fewer calories). It’s ALSO like eating ice cream because it can be super fun, silly, and ridiculous too! Don’t believe us? We get it, we used to think journaling was kind of boring too, but that was before we found all these ridiculous notebooks! Now when we journal we just laugh the whole time. We actually had to ban our employees from journaling while working in the store because customers were weirded out by how much they were laughing. Luckily, you can journal in the privacy of your own room and laugh to your heart’s content! You know what they say, a hysterical laughing fit a day keeps the doctor away! So check out these amazing, funny notebooks and get journaling!

Grump Notebooks

Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have nothing good to say. These journals might be the only things in the whole world that want to listen to you complain, so let them hear it (but like, with your pen). Perfect for Mondays. And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays. You get the idea.

Journal: Love About You

Want a touching gift for your special someone? Or maybe you’re just incredibly narcissistic? Either way, this journal is perfect. Just follow the prompts and fill in what you love about them (or yourself).

Welcome to the Dog and Pony Show Journal


Otherwise known as “another bulls*it day at the office.” A perfect place to chronicle all the annoying, flashy, over-the-top antics of people you are forced to deal with.

Final Notes

A funny (but admittedly risky) gift for old folks in your life. Or if you’re a big planner, get them for yourself! You can never think too far ahead! You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a lame epitaph for countless years, would you?

Womankind World Domination Planner


The patriarchy won’t bring itself down, it’ll take some doing. And before you do anything, you’ll need to brainstorm and make a plan. This journal is the perfect place for just that!

One Day I’ll Be Rich And Powerful Journal


Your boss will think this is hilarious when you use it to take notes at your next meeting! That or you’ll get fired. Either way, it’ll spice up the mundanity of another pointless meeting, right?

Bigfoot Pocket Journals


Our research has shown that 74% of people have a secret hobby of hunting Bigfoot, but are too embarrassed to tell their friends. If that describes you, these Bigfoot journals are perfect for documenting your Bigfoot tracking escapades!

Ideas On How To Be Less Condescending Journal

Idea 1: Laugh more quietly when people say something dumb. Idea 2: Ask people if they understand simple concepts for explaining them, instead of just assuming they don’t. Idea 3: Pretend to listen to other people’s ideas.

Entomology: A Naturalist’s Notebook


This notebook is perfect for any nature lover, especially if they’re into bugs. It’s filled with fascinating diagrams and charts.

Not quite set on any of these journals? You can find all our journals and notebooks here. If you’re interested in weird gifts, games, and gags, then check out our entire collection here. Have fun journaling!

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