9 Funny Pranks For April Fools 2022!

April Fools 2022 is just a few weeks away! Here at Off The Wagon, we love some good-natured pranks. Emphasis on good-natured - silly stuff where no one gets hurt! Now, of course, April Fools can be kind of a tough day to prank someone since they are much more likely to suspect something and have their guard up! But it’s also the perfect excuse if they get annoyed at you! You can’t get that mad for getting pranked on April Fools (once again, we’re talking good-natured pranking)! Here is the great thing though, we carry pranks all year round! So if you’d rather get someone on a less suspicious day (or even month) all you’ve gotta do is visit the pranks page on our website! Anyways, if you’re looking for April Fools pranks, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 9 of our best pranks for this year!

Squishy Poo

A classic! This pile of brown looks like poo and squishes around like poo too! It lacks that signature smell, but a good fart bomb (or just a fart) can solve that problem real easily! Put it on someone's bed or convince them you’re just playing with a pile of poo!

Racing Roach

Pull it back and let it go! This racing roach will zip across the kitchen floor and send any unsuspecting chef screaming and sprinting into the other room! Or load it up and put it under something heavy. When it gets released it will zip forward!

Roach Clips

As another roach alternative, these roach clips are great (and functional too)! Keep your chip bags closed and spook the next person to open the pantry!

Exploding Golf Ball

This prank gets funnier and funnier the longer someone takes to plan out their next shot! Once they finally land the swing, the golf ball will just POOF into a ball of powder instead of flying in that perfectly planned arc!

Crap Jokes Toilet Paper

Not exactly a prank, but this toilet paper makes for a funny April Fools Day surprise for the next person who has to poop! Every sheet is filled with all sorts of crappy jokes about crap!

Fake Parking Tickets

Great for April Fools or really any time you see someone parking like an inconsiderate jerk. From even a short distance these look just like a real parking ticket, you’ll only realize they’re fake once you start reading it!

Filthy Rich Napkins

These napkins are perfect for some silly shenanigans! Wipe your mouth at the end of your lunch break and leave all your coworkers baffled!

Fart Bombs Pack of 6

Throw bomb, smell farts. Simple, effective, and classic! There is nothing quite as perfect for April Fools as a good fart joke!

Bang Toilet Seat

Fill this little gadget with a bang cap (included) and set it under the toilet seat. The next person to sit down will be treated to a lovely POP which should hopefully elicit a little shriek just for you to hear!

Want more pranks? Cheek out our whole prank collection! Or if you just want dumb gag gifts for April Fools, you can browse those here.

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