Funny Gifts To Make Your Boyfriend Laugh

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend (or really anyone) can be a tough endeavor, but it’s worth it! With the right gift, you can brighten his day and make him feel really special. Here at Off The Wagon, we think the best kinds of gifts for this are funny ones! If you can put a smile on his face or even get him belly laughing with a little gift, then you’ve really knocked it out of the park! As experts on funny gifts and silliness, we’ve picked out a handful of gifts we think your boyfriend will love and find hilarious. Whether his boyfriend's birthday is coming up, or you just want to surprise him with something, these gifts will do the trick!

Uranus Soap

If your boyfriend can get a little stinky - this is the perfect way to give him a hint. He’ll think it’s hilarious, and he might even use it! Either way, soap is bound to leave him grinning.

Fowl Language Mug

Birds, puns, and Inappropriate jokes - there is about a 115% chance your boyfriend loves one of these things, and a decent chance he likes all three (well, maybe not birds so much). Get him this mug and he’ll be snickering each morning while he drinks his coffee or tea.

Shower Beer Holder


There is nothing quite as refreshing as a warm shower or a cold beer at the end of the day, but doing both at the same time? That’s some transcendent, next-level relaxing. With this shower beer holder, your boyfriend will be able to experience this brilliant combo without worrying about spilling his precious beer down the drain.

Shut The Hell Up Gum


Speaking of brilliant combos, this gum acts as both a gift and a pointed suggestion! You can show your boyfriend you do really love him while also getting him to just be quiet for once.

I Left The Seat Up For You Men's Socks


Your boyfriend is kind and caring, and he always leaves the seat up to remind you of that. At least that's what he says. You can finally give him an equally touching gift with a pair of these socks that are definitely not making fun of him in any way.

Grillin' It Men's Socks


If your boyfriend loves to grill, or even if he just likes to eat things that have been grilled, these stylish socks will make his outfit pop and put a (hungry) smile on his face!

The Official Sherlock Puzzle Book

If your boyfriend is going stir crazy in isolation, this puzzle book will be perfect for giving him something new and interesting to do! Or you can work on it together if you’re looking for more stay-at-home 2-person activities. Bonus points if either of you is a huge Sherlock fan.

Fart Whistle


This last one is dangerous, and you will probably regret getting it as a gift, but your boyfriend will love it! He’ll especially love how much it annoys you when he uses it all the time. Or maybe you can just keep it for yourself to annoy him - either way, it's bound to cause all sorts of trouble for your relationship! (In reality, it will probably just be some harmless fun).

If none of these gifts are what you’re looking for, or you want to browse more options, check out our collection of gifts for boyfriends. If you want to browse our whole catalog, you can find it here.

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