Get To Know Us: Michelle Sahr

We’re doing a series of blog posts where you can learn about all the awesome people that make up our Off The Wagon staff! As you might imagine, the people that work here are a little eccentric (just like the shop). We’ve asked everyone a couple of questions, and we think you’ll really enjoy hearing from each of them.

For this edition we have a real special treat: Michelle Sahr!  Michelle is the proud owner of Off The Wagon. If I tried to tell you all the different things Michelle does around here, I’d run out of room on this blog post. She’s super hard working, entrepreneurial, and fun, and as far as bosses go she's pretty great. Read on to get a glimpse into her world! 

(Featured: Eyeball Finger Puppets)

Q: Do you have any pets?

Is this a good time to mention that I didn't really want our dog back when Nate (who is writing this blog) and my husband came to me 6 years ago begging my blessing to get a dog. My questions were who will walk the dog, who will feed the dog, who will take care of the dog when he is sick, and most importantly who will pick up the dog poop? 6 years later Nate isn't even here to take care of the dog, much less pick up the poo!! So what is up with that? But the dog (we named him Rocket) is nice and cute and all - though often annoyingly over-excitable.

Q: Is there anything else people should know about you?

People have told me I have a brilliant business mind. I kinda have to laugh because I spend much of my time buying things like fart whistles, nose flutes and poo pens. But whatever, people... brilliant business mind, sure!

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at Off The Wagon?

Today I made a mistake when I shipped a person's order. I tried to get the rest of the folks to fire me over it, but I guess it didn't work. So I'll be back in tomorrow at 6am again. My favorite part... oh wait that wasn't it. My favorite part is having fun working at something I love, good laughs, and challenging ourselves to be our best!


Q: What are your top 3 favorite products we carry?  

The “In Loving Memory of Sleep” socks... because this time of year I sleep less and work more. Tis the season! See you in January Sleep!

Peppy the Pigeon... because in the mornings I am often miss peppy. I'm sure it annoys people.

Nose flute. Because it's a nose flute. Check out my video I did on how to play. Amazing right?

Q: What’s your favorite game we carry?

Bohnanza. I always thought the cover looked a bit goofy but had the opportunity to play it this year with my husband and son. I like all the strategies that can be used in this surprisingly fun game.

Q: Could you see yourself working at the Off The Wagon Mars branch after we colonize the planet?  

Nate, how did you find out about our plans for this? This was information only for our top management staff. We must have a leak!

Thanks Michelle!

Hope you enjoyed that! We’ll be back soon with Get To Know blogs for other employees, and some other fun stuff too! In the meanwhile, check out our website for more stupid laughs and silly fun!

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