Amigo Games GAMES Bohnanza
Amigo Games GAMES Bohnanza


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Get rich quick through bean farming! Intense trading, fast-paced decision making, and a tacky (if charming) art style make this game a blast to play! Combine beans of the same type for maximum profit and avoid planting other beans that will force you to harvest early. Unlike most card games, in Bohnanza you can never rearrange your hand - you have to use your beans in the order you draw them! This leads to tricky situations where you want to get rid of beans in your hand so you don't have to play them. Luckily, each round you can trade beans with the other players, but you'll have to bargain hard to get the best end of a trade! Once the players run through the ever-diminishing draw deck three times, the game ends and the player with the most coins wins.

Includes 154 bean cards, 7 playing mats, and the instructions.

2-7 players; ages 13+

45 min playtime

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