Our 7 Favorite Weird & Funny Christmas Gifts

Here at Off the Wagon, we love weird stuff. It’s kind of our thing. So when it comes to Christmas git recommendations, it should come as no surprise that our list is gonna contain a lot of weird stuff on in. In this case, it’s all weird stuff! Giving weird, funny gifts for Christmas can be so much fun, especially if you’re getting a gift for someone that’s hard to buy for. Everyone can enjoy laughing together with their friends or family as they open up a completely absurd gift! Plus, a lot of our favorite gifts work amazingly as stocking stuffers, small side gifts, or even for a white elephant gift exchange. So there’s no reason you can’t get them that thing they asked for and also a little something weird on the side! We could keep ranting for pages and pages about why we love giving weird stuff as Christmas gifts, but no one wants to read all that. So we’ll cut to the juicy part now: the list of our 7 favorite weird and funny Christmas Gift ideas for the 2022 holiday season! Check it out:

Farts Farts Farts Socks

Let’s put an end to the idea that socks make for a super lame Christmas gift, ok? That might be true of the blandest white socks you can find, but these Farts socks? They’re amazing! And if you don’t like these, we have TONS of other cool, exciting socks to pick from here.

Hot Dog Ornament

Do you know anyone who collects really weird ornaments (yes, you can count yourself)? Well, this is for them. An ornament of a hot dog would be weird enough by itself, but slap on a pair of frankly creepy eyes and you’ve got something really special and weird.

Emotional Support Chicken

This highly trained rubber chicken has finely tuned emotional intelligence. When you’re feeling down, it will be there for you. When you need someone to listen, it will listen, and when you need some words of affirmation, you can squeeze it for a loud, hearty SQUAK of love.

Festivus Candle

A candle for Festivus. Smells like the rest of us (but actually rum punch scented). “Happy December 23rd. Thanks for another disappointing year.” A grumpy candle perfect for grumpy friends or family members. Or just Sinefeld fans.

Calm your Tits Mug

Just to be clear, tits are birds. Not that we know what else you’d think they were. This mug is a celebration of tits everywhere, showcasing some of the most spectacular tits on the planet. You know, like the long-tailed tit and the bearded tit.

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

Forget peppermint candy canes! It’s 2022! Get with the times and try some weird candy cane flavors! Mac & Cheese is a safe bet because it’s delicious. I mean, who doesn’t like mac & cheese?

Uh Oh Emergency Underpants

One of our very best gag gifts! You never know what’s going to happen, but with these uh oh emergency underpants, you’ll always be prepared!

Want even more weird and funny gift ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You can browse our 2022 funny Christmas gifts collection or just check out our entire catalog! Regardless, you’ll find all sorts of super fun games, funny gifts, weird gags, odd candies, and more! There’s bound to be something you’ll love!

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