Retro Outdoor Fun! 8 Old School Toys For A Backyard Blast!

Summer’s not over yet! If you’re organized, you might be busy prepping for school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the summer weather with fun toys in your very own beautiful backyard! Having fun outside is a timeless tradition - one that we love here at Off the Wagon. Sure it might be hot, sweaty, and buggy, but there’s nothing like the feeling of running around outside on a warm summer night. We get nostalgic just thinking about it. That’s why we’ve picked out some of our favorite retro summer toys for you! Share the one-of-a-kind experience of summer fun with your friends and family with these vintage toys:

Classic Yo-Yo

Did you know kids have been playing with yo-yo’s since 440 BC? We’re serious! Archeologists discovered an ancient greek painting of a boy using a yo-yo - you can look it up yourself! The yo-yo is a classic, literally. You can’t beat a toy that’s been around for this long! 

Juggling Balls

This is your chance to finally master the art of juggling! Forget using oranges and apples, you need real juggling balls. These colorful balls are perfect for juggling, weighted with small, vinyl-covered beads. Apparently in Ancient Rome, people would juggle glass balls - we recommend you try these first! 

Original Flyshooter

This is a more humane form of bug, err, elimination. Instead of frying ants, why don’t you quickly shoot them with a flyswatter? These flyshooters make mosquito-ey nights WAY more fun! Have a competition with your friends - who can get the most flies?  


Boomerangs have definitely been around (see what we did there?), with the first one discovered dating back to 10,000 BC! The satisfaction of throwing a boomerang and it coming right back to you can not be beat! We love this particular one because it’s perfect for beginners, light and easy to throw. 

World’s Smallest Yo-Yo

If you’ve mastered many of these classic toys, it’s time to step up your retro-toy game. This miniature yo-yo will help you achieve just that - perform amazing tricks with this teeny-tiny yo-yo! They’ll be jaw-dropping and adorable!  

Rocket Balloons and Pump

An Off the Wagon Classic, these rocket balloons never get old! Pump the balloons up and watch them WOOSH into the sky. We love the satisfying sound these balloons make as they launch up, up, and away! These rocket balloons are the perfect activity for birthday parties, cook-outs, or any other backyard bashes!

Jumbo Jar of Jacks

This jar of jacks includes everything you need to play the classic game! The reason this game has been around so long is because it’s so much fun. The rules are simple but the game is challenging! Jacks is a game the whole family can enjoy.

Ring On a String

Some say in the original version of Ring On a String, the hook was actually a bull’s horn! The version we have at Off the Wagon might be a little less dangerous, but it’s still just as fun. It comes with everything you need to hang a hook (we recommend outside) and play the game! Just try not to hit your neighbor's dog or something…

These eight retro games have stood the test of time. We can say with certainty that with any of these products you can get outside and have some good old-fashioned fun! People have been doing it for years… and years… and years! If you’re looking for more ways to have some vintage-style fun, you should shop our collection of Retro Toys. Looking for even more ways to entertain yourself or a friend? Shop our whole collection!

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