Take a look at our fun and quirky brick-and-mortar shop in Kent Ohio!

You might know Off the Wagon as simply a website, but our roots lie in our brick and mortar shop situated in the beautiful downtown district of Kent, Ohio (home of Kent State University). The store is our home base - it came a long way before the website, and it’s bristling with life (or at least full of stupid gags, games, and toys). We know some of you have been in our store plenty of times before, and this blog post isn’t as much for you (although you might still enjoy it for some good reminiscing). Instead, we wanted to give all of you who have never been here to get a glimpse at just how awesome it is (because it’s pretty awesome)! PLUS - we actually just renovated, getting some new floors and fun new paint on the walls, and we kind of wanted to show all of that off. Truthfully though, it’s a super fun place (are you surprised?) - and we really think you’re gonna enjoy taking a look.
First, we come in the front door, and this is the view. As you can see, we’ve crammed A LOT of stuff into this space. When we have to ask, “Should we really start selling ANOTHER really cool thing?” we usually say yes. We like cool stuff.
In this first room we have lots of different stuff, including candy, gags, pins, magnets, comic books, plush, some goofy t-shirts, and even some sodas (which are new). We also have a lot of our goofy, random gifts in this room (although those are kind of spread out everywhere), like instant underpants and delinquents with combs. This is the room that got the new paint, so consider spending some time just admiring those stars on the wall (because they were freakin’ hard to paint).
On to the second room!
This room has all our puzzles and games (including a whole wall of D&D stuff), as well as some toys for kids and other random stuff (like we said, all the rooms have at least some random stuff). The biggest section is definitely the games - we have a ton of games. If you’re a serious board-gamer, this room would probably feel like heaven. Thing is, even if you only like dumb party games, we have an entire rack dedicated to those.
Next, the kids room!
Tucked in the back we have the kids room. While there are some kids toys in the other rooms, this room is the jackpot for little ones. We’ve got crafts, toys, books, and more! There are even Bob Ross mugs stacked up in the back (but those are mostly there for storage)! Fun fact: before our days as connoisseurs of stupid and silly stuff, we were actually just a toy store and sold all sorts of kid’s stuff like this (although that shop went by a different name).
Anyways, that’s our store! If you live nearby or ever find yourself traveling through Kent, you should come check us out! Even if you’d rather wait till for a post-COVID era, we’ll still be happy to see you. Find us at 152 East Main Street, Downtown Kent, Ohio 44240. Hope to see you there sometime!

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