Valentines is in 1 month - 11 Things to get that special someone!

Ok everyone, this is your official friendly reminder that Valentine's Day is getting kinda close! In fact, it’s exactly a month out from the day of this blog posting. Luckily, that still gives you plenty of time if you want to do something special for your special someone - whether that’s planning a romantic date, writing them a heartfelt note, or buying them a fun gift (or all three)! You should probably ask someone else if you’re looking for date ideas (although we could try and come up with something), but if you’re looking for fun Valentine’s Day gifts, you’ve come to the right place! Even if you just want to give them a card, we’ve got lots of Valentine’s day cards to choose from. Just for you, we’ve picked out a nifty assortment of Valentine's candies, cards, and gifts (including lots of fun plush) for you to choose from. Hopefully you can find something they’ll love!

Giant Microbe Heart Plush

Yes, you’ve given them your heart, but it’s pretty hard to cuddle that thing while it’s all stuck inside your chest and stuff. This plush heart makes a great stand-in!

“I Like You” Big Magnet

If you can sniff someone’s butt and still love them, you know it has to be real. Dogs know what’s up.

Buttface Valentines Card

Sometimes you love them because they’re a buttface, more often you love them despite their buttface-ness. Either way, though, they’re your buttface! Write them a nice note in this card!

Love Who You Love Socks

With both men’s and women’s versions, you can also give these socks to who you love!

Grow a Boyfriend & Grow a Girlfriend

A gift for your single friends (or yourself)! No one should be lonely on Valentine’s day, and now they don’t have to be! Just add your choice of boyfriend or girlfriend to some water; in no time you’ll have someone to snuggle and keep you company on Valentine’s Day and every day after that!

Sour Pucker Lips

Sugary, sour, and wonderfully smoochable! Warning though, if you choose to smooch these candies in public, people will probably give you weird looks. We’ve tried sharing when this happens, but it just weirds them out more.

Wax Lips

If the Sour Pucker Lips aren’t flamboyant or bold enough, try these Wax Lips out! Bright red and seductive!

Light Up My Life Card

Poetry and metaphors are a great way to show your special someone how much you care. The vivid and unique imagery this card uses is bound to stir up…feelings. We can’t guarantee what kind of feelings, but you’ve gotta take what you can get, right?

Mini Squishables Plague Doctor

One of our most popular Plushies, this cute little guy could make a great gift for anyone who likes plush or spooky things!

Squeezmeez Plush Planets

Here are some pickup lines you can use and claim you came up with yourself: “You’re my world” for the earth plush. “Your my light” for the sun plush. And finally “I want to put a ring on you. Get it? Cuz Saturn has a ring? Pretty funny right?”

Check out our entire Valentine's Day collection for even more candy, cards, and gift ideas! Or check out our entire catalog for fun gifts, gags, and games for all occasions!

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