Spot it! Game-Weird-Funny-Gags-Gifts-Stuff
Spot it! Game-Weird-Funny-Gags-Gifts-Stuff

Spot it! Game

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Our most popular game for 2010 and 2011.  A quick to learn and fun to play game for all ages.  Try to spot the same item on the center card from your card, before your opponents spot their match.  There is always only one match from one card to the next.  This is a quick thinking, fast moving game.  

Great for multiple ages to play together.  (You'll be surprised when a little kid beats you!).

2-8 players

Ages 4 and up (our recommendation after playing with 100 or more kids)

Package says ages 6 and up

play time 10-20 minutes

Multiple award winning game

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