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1/2 Ounce Honey Gold Oil

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This is our original Honey Gold scent.  This scent was first designed back in the 1970s and has continued on to today in its original formula.  It is a light scent that is not to flowery and not too strong.  Once you try it you will love it!

The oil is long lasting.  Rub a little on your neck and wrists.

Ingredients:  Fragrance

1/2 ounce

About Us

Founded in 1926 in downtown Akron by my grandmother, Lucy Sawyer Stevens, Honey Gold Company has been making perfumes for over 80 years.

In 1926 my grandmother began a small operation out of her home mixing cosmetics and perfumes.  Her business grew into a large regional door to door sales operation with more than 400 women selling her products. 

In 1970 my father, Karl Stevens (and son of Lucy) took over the business that had diminished to a few mail orders at the time.  Karl opened a store in Akron and soon moved it to Quaker Square.  Honey Gold was a part of Quaker Square from approximately 1970 to 2002.  Honey Gold thrived in Quaker Square where its specialty was the Honey Gold Original Scent that was created by Karl.  The scent became many womens favorite everyday perfume.

Today I carry on the tradition.  I am Michelle Sahr (daughter, granddaughter).  I continue making the original formula of Honey Gold.  Our perfumes are available in either of our shops listed below or on our website.

Kent OH:

Off the Wagon Shop:  152 E. Main Street, Kent, OH 44240  330-474-1330

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle E.
Honey Gold

Smelled just as I remembered from the days of Quaker Square! Didn’t disappoint
Thank you for continuing to make this beautiful sweet smelling scent ♥️

Debi M.

Yaaaaaaay!!! Back in the late 70's, a friend of mine bought me a bottle of this perfume. I loved (love) it. I still have it bc I've used this very sparingly and it got lost for many years. He bought me another bottle but said he had it made for me. IDK if that is true or not. But I love the perfume. So happy you weren't gone for good. Highly, highly recommend Honey Gold. This would make a great gift