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This little Desktop Confessional will dish out all the forgiveness you need throughout your workday, just press down on the bench and it will say "You are forgiven." Did you just spend the last hour browsing the internet instead of getting work done? "You are forgiven." Or did you hit reply-all to an email on accident? "You are forgiven." It's that easy.

Comes with a 48-page mini-booklet.

4 x 3 x 2 inches

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Linda W.
I Confess….

The desktop confessional was a hit with the recipient! There are so many fun items in your store that I’m sure I’ll be shopping again!

Awesome item

I bought this for Christmas (many months away but I like to get a very early start), it's cool! I love purchasing from this site, it's definitely my go-to for odd/funny/cool gifts.