Asmodee GAMES Dixit Game
Asmodee GAMES Dixit Game
Asmodee GAMES Dixit Game

Dixit Game

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which sums up Dixit perfectly! Dixit has received many awards worldwide, and is a wonderful addition to any game collection.

Dixit is played with beautiful picture cards, in which one person, the storyteller, gives a clue for a picture. Everyone picks  card from their hand that they think matches that theme. The cards are revealed, and everyone attempts to pick the storyteller's card. Points are given if you guess correctly, and also if anyone chooses your card.

Dixit is played with best with 3-6 people, age 8+, and is played for about 30 minutes.

The box contains 84 image cards, 1 scoreboard, 6 wooden rabbit tokens, 36 voting tokens, and the rules. The box is 11" by 11" by 2" and weighs about 1 pound.

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