Qwirkle Rummy Card Game

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Imagine playing Scrabble with shapes and colors, and you've got Qwirkle! Each card has two aspects: its shape and its color. There are 6 shapes and 6 colors for a total of 108 cards. On a player's turn, they can place any number of cards from their hand. However, they can only place a card that if it's either the same color or the same shape as every other card in its row and column. A blue circle can be part of a blue row and a circle column, but not a red row. Also, you can't have duplicates - so two blue circles can't be in the same row or column! Players score points by creating quirkles - complete sets of one color or shape. When a quirkle is completed, that player removes it from the board. The game continues until the deck is out of cards, and the player with the most quirks wins!

Includes 108 cards and instructions.

2-4 players, ages 8+

20 min playing time

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