Amigo Games GAMES Saboteur Card Game
Amigo Games GAMES Saboteur Card Game

Saboteur Card Game

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Take on the role of a dwarf in a gold mine digging for riches in this fun card game! However, some of you dwarves are saboteurs, looking to get the gold all for yourself. Will you be able to find the gold before the saboteurs, or will they evil deeds prevent you from walking away with the wealth?

The players are either miners or saboteurs. The roles are kept secret until the end of the round. The miners are attempting to build a path from the Start Card to a Goal Card, while the saboteurs are trying to stop them. Use Action Cards to help your fellow dwarves or to sabotage them.

The box contains 44 path cards, 27 Action Cards, 28 Gold Nugget Cards, 7 Gold Miner Cards, 4 Saboteur Cards, Rules. The box is roughly 5" by 4" by1" and weighs less than a pound.

The game is for 3-10 people, age 8+, and is usually played in about 30 minutes.

This game was nominated for the 2004 Japan Boardgame Prize for Best Foreign Game for Beginners.


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