9 Weird & Funny Gifts for Wine Moms!

Dads like telling really corny jokes, especially when their kids are around to groan at them. Moms like drinking fancy wine, especially if they can get together with other moms and gossip while they’re at it. Yes, they’re stereotypes, but we all know they’ve got some truth behind them! Even our very own boss and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) Michelle is a mom who happens to really enjoy wine—so we’re not here to judge! In fact, we say lean into it with some silly wine-themed gifts (and probably more actual wine too)! Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, mother’s day, or just to show your wine mom you care, these gifts are sure to make her smile! And of course, moms aren’t the ONLY wine enthusiasts out there. These gifts are great for anyone with a wine passion (including yourself)! Check them out:

Wine Shower Holder

What could make your hot shower or soothing bath even better?  A nice glass of wine obviously.  But you don't want to hold it the whole time - that's not relaxing. Have the best of both worlds with this shower wine holder!

Wine Plush


Obviously getting together for wine club is always ideal if you’re looking for a sociable experience, but sometimes other people aren’t available. This wine plush makes the perfect drinking partner when everyone else is busy, and you can cuddle up to them too!

"Really Good at Wine" Glass

Everyone is good at something, and you’re good at wine (and probably some other things too, but let’s focus on what’s important). Be proud! It takes hours and hours of practice to get as good at wine as you are!

"Let’s Wine About It" Pencil Set


Sketch pictures of wine bottles, write short stories about wine, or just daydream about wine while you’re doing (arguably) more important work! Each of these 7 pencils has a great wine pun written on it!

CoQ Au Vin Wine Stopper

Yes, you can get fancier wine stoppers, but you can’t get much more ridiculous than this little guy! It’s even funnier after a few glasses, believe us!

Office Corkscrew Disguised as a Stapler

The perfect corkscrew to go with those wine bottles in the bottom drawer of your desk at work! Whether drinking on the job is frowned upon where you work or not, this corkscrew is sure to get your coworkers laughing!

I ❤️ Wine Socks

Rock your wine love on your feet with amazing style (at least we think so, but we’re no fashion experts)!

"Dear Wine, Yes" Socks

If wine is asking the question, the answer is always yes! Well, unless it’s asking you to leave it alone. Or try something else. But wine would never betray you like that. Right?

Captain of Chaos Wine Glass

The secret title of all moms everywhere! Commemorate your captaincy with this wine glass!

Looking for more gifts for mom? We’ve got a whole collection of gifts for mom. If you’re shopping for someone else, we’ve got collections for friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and so much more on our website!

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