8 Plushtastic Plush Great For Anyone!

We’ve been restocking a bunch of our products since Christmas, so right now we have a lot of really cool stuff in our store! One thing we have tons of right now is plush! It’s definitely fun to have all these plush around, chilling on our shelves and generally making the store a more fun and friendly place, but we’d much rather give them a home with you (and we have a hunch that you’d like that too). Now if you’re thinking “But I’m an adult, I can’t have stuffed animals,” we want to give you full permission to ignore that nonsense and get yourself a soft and fluffy friend! It’s kind of like having a pet that’s way easier and cheaper to take care of, and they’ll never fart while you’re cuddling them! Anyways, we’ve picked out some of the coolest & cutest plush we have right now for you to check out. Which one is your favorite?

Puppiroll Plush & Kittiroll Plush


These plush are as adorable as they are cylindrical! Our favorite part of both the puppy and the kitty is the little Xs they have on their butts. They’re both funny and somehow incredibly cute!

Squishables Plague Doctor (In 3 Sizes)

This little fella (equal parts creepy and cute) has been one of our most loved plush since we’ve got him! He’s so popular we’ve got him in three different sizes (micro, mini, and large)!

Squishables Plague Nurse (In 2 Sizes)

If the Plague Doctor is awesome, then so is his buddy the Plague Nurse! If you get them both you’ll have a pretty epic duo! Micro & mini.

Pusheen Coin Purse

Part plush and part coin purse, but in all ways cute! If you haven’t met Pusheen, she’s a kind of internet-famous cat that is really cute and has lots of equally cute friends. And she promises to keep your coins safe!

Squeezmeez Bunny

If you want fluffiness this bunny is the way to go! Its lovely peach-colored coat is super soft, and its sleepy face is so cute!

Covid Virus Plush & Covid Vaccine Plush

Both this covid virus and the vaccine are a lot more aesthetic than functional, but they make great memorabilia for this crazy time we live in! Makes a funny gift too!

Giantmicrobe Uterus Plush

Wanna show of some uterus pride? This plush is the way to go! Plus, it’s a lot less…you know, inside your body compared to other uteri you might own, which makes it way more convenient to cuddle.

Gund Cozy Plush

Simple, super soft, adorable, and there are lots of different animals to choose from (bunny, lion, koala, fox, or panda)! If you’re looking for a classic stuffed animal for a little one (or yourself, no shame), this is the way to go!

If you want to see more of our plush, you can check out our plush collection here. If you’d rather see all our weird and wacky gifts and gags, check out our entire catalog! Take care, everyone!

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