Farting - The Great American Pastime

To fart or not to fart - that is the question.  Well, that might be the question in those prissy European countries, but here in America we never have to ask that question.  We know the answer is always yes. A much more American question would be, “What kind of wacky fart related gifts and gags can I spend my hard-earned money on?”  Luckily, you're not the first one to ever ponder this question. For years Off the Wagon’s gassiest philosophers and fartologists have combed the earth for the funniest, smelliest, most ridiculous fart paraphernalia in existence in an attempt to answer that very question.  Finally, we have completed our search, and we want to share this precious knowledge with you, and in doing so pave the way for future generations of fart lovers both here in America and around the world. Harken your eyeballs:

It’s Ok to Fart Socks


Never be ashamed! It’s okay to fart! If anything, you should be proud of it. Wear these socks underpants if you're a bit timider, or with nothing else if you have no fear!

Vladimir Pootin Lavatory Mist


Vladimir Pootin is the pseudonym for the mysterious leader of the secret society of farts.  This person has been rumored to be a very prominent political figure (but it's definitely not Vladimir Putin.)

Fart Whistle

Need to referee a soccer game for young children, but you don’t want to ruin the fun?  Well replace your boring, ordinary whistle with this fart whistle and you’ll have everyone laughing when you call foul!

Fart Machine Sound Effects


We all have those moments when a fart noise would be the perfect icebreaker - but we don’t always have a fart ready to go.  No longer! With this fart machine, you can make a fart noise with the simple press of a button!

Fart Bomb Pack & Single


However, if the sound is not enough for you, you can make fake fart smells too!  Pop one of these fart bombs and get ready to hear a couple “pee-yews.”

Fart Candy; Fart Powder

If simulating a fart isn’t enough for you, try some of this fart candy or powder!  It will give you all the gas you could ever wish for! Alternatively, give it to a friend for a stinky little surprise!

Fart in a Can


For a different take on fart noises, try fart in a can!  Who needs a blow horn when you can have a fart horn? 

Fart Lover - Magnetic Poetry


A set of 200 fart words - a toolkit to make the most beautiful of poetry on your fridge! 

Omg! That Wasn’t a Fart Magnet


While farts are magnificent - sometimes what you think is going to be a fart ends up being something else.  It’s a tragic thing, really.

Emergency Underpants


However, if you dread this happening to you someday, fear not!  We have the solution in a convenient emergency package! Clean yourself up and get right back to farting in earnest. 

Fart Dictionary


For those looking to further their fart education, this is the perfect tool! Learn about all types of farts, from big to small, nice to nasty!

If you want even more farts in your life, then kudos to you. Check out our collection of fart, poop, and underwear related gifts!  Or check out our whole website for both fart and non-fart related gifts!

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